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The Engagement

Billy's favorite approach to his performance-work is to tell a Biblical story, and finish it with a song

that was especially written to summarize the story. STORY-SINGING Billy calls it.

Since moving from Wales, UK, to Florida, USA, in early 2007, Billy has given concerts in many local Retirement Homes, Colleges, Churches, Prisons and in his own Theater Studio in Lakeland. 

In 2011 Billy & family moved to Grand Rapids, MI, where they run the Storywise Community Project. This work includes Playback Impro Theater: stories by the audience are played-back by a team of actors & musician.

(See Storywise page)

In his Story & Song set Billy presents songs written to highlight a special moment in a (Biblical) story. 

Billy also sings Scripture put to music, and songs inspired by Scripture.  All of Billy’s songs are original. 

As Billy continues to present his Story & Song concert, the show is now titled: The ENGAGEMENT

To listen to the sound-tracks of Billy's triple CD album, GREATER LOVE, go to the STORY & SONG page on:


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