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Nowhere Boy - about John Lennon in his teenage years.


What an impressive and fabulous film.

Aaron Johnson as Lennon is mesmerizing. Solid acting; strong character work; we really get to know the young John Lennon growing up in very difficult circumstances.

It makes me think of DiCaprio who played the young Romeo in Romeo & Juliette, film by Baz Luhrmann; Clare Dane was a perfect Juliette. Leonardo was at a perfect (young) age to play the part of Romeo, and so was Clare Dane. They both had a fabulous vulnerability as the young Romeo & Juliette, which -I think- was very much their nature at that young age. Both went on to do brilliant work in other films.

Same her, it seems, with the young Aaron Johnson. He was the perfect age and a brilliant choice to play the young John Lennon. It will be hard for Aaron Johnson to surpass himself in this role (so far I've only see him do mediocre stuff).

The script is excellent, I think; it brings out powerfully John Lennon's massive dilemma about who he is, and who his parents are.

Anne-Marie Duff and Kristin Scott Thomas are both superb as Lennon's mom and auntie.  The young Thomas Sangster is impressive as teenager Paul McCartney.

Impressive directorial debut by Sam Taylor-Wood. Remarkably enough, some time after the filming of 'Nowhere Boy', director Taylor-Wood and lead actor Aaron Johnson married, even while they're some 20 year apart in age. In film-world anything is possible, right? Wishing them nothing but happiness.

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