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The Light House Keeper story!

The image of a Light House is powerful; it speaks of safety, of orientation, of 'light-in-the-darkness' etc.


In days gone by, the light-house with it's powerful light beam, sending a specific signal across the waves, was an essential part of community life, the local community, the regional larger community, and the 'community' of vessels from far-away places that relied on the light-signals.


Locally, the light-house keeper and his family play an active part in pulling together the community.


There are often parties at the foot of the light-house or inside. In summer-time parties take place outside where there's a grand view of the ocean (or one of the Great Lakes). In winter-time the parties are held inside the barn at the foot of the light-house.


For emergency meetings, the word goes around the community: come-to-the-light-house quickly! 

The tower is a visible presence locally! The light-beams at night swing powerfully over the area.



With a radius of it's powerful light of 30 to 40 miles, the light-house establishes a region. The next light-house is at least 35 miles away, in both coastal directions. This gives the light-house region a stretch of around 70 miles. 

At least once every season, there is a regional gathering at the light-house to discuss regional affairs; of course, the keeper and his family, with the help of some locals, provide quality entertainment every time! 


The most important purpose of the light-house is to send the typical, powerful light-beams across the waves to ships-out-there, especially when the weather is rough. The light-beam flashes across the waters with a certain specific rhythm. This unique signal gives the ships their orientation and helps them to stay at a safe distance from the coast.


Back to Billy's story:


In my work I am active at three level: locally, regionally, and world-wide.


I run the Storywise Impro Theater, together with my wonderful wife Marcia Angel.


I also do regular interviews, Angel Whispers, with all kinds of guests.

On occasion I will put on a 'special concert' by local or visiting bands, musicians, ensembles etc.


On occasion I perform my solo show The Engagement.  

All this work is based in the Harris Building downtown Grand Rapids in Michigan.  As we serve the people of Grand Rapids, we build community. Address: 111 S. Division Ave. G.R. 49503.


The first season of The StoryTeller (14 episodes) will soon be available on for anyone who has internet access. A good chance the series will also be available on other streaming services.

Anyone who has a reasonable understanding of the English language will be able to enjoy this work.

So the definition of 'region' here is 'all those people (around the world) who have a basic understanding of English' (and access to the internet). 



Obviously includes every country in this world. 

It is hoped that the 3 concept proposals under the title 'Hollywood Shows' will be produced and (eventually) shown round the world.


Theater productions to be staged in capitals all around the world; TV series to be seen on national television everywhere. Films to go into cinemas globally.


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