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Fell in love with this film when first viewing it, and I have seen it a few times since. It continues to be very enjoyable. Isn't this one of the first movies with Tom Hanks in the lead-role?! He is just fabulous; very convincing as a 12-year old in an adult body. The cast around him is equally excellent; and a great script!
I love it when a movie sets-up a suspension of disbelief. We are asked to 'go along' with the premise that the 12-year old boy has suddenly developed an adult body. And this simple 'premise' allows for a wonderful story to emerge. The way it is rapped up at the end, is totally right and essential. With a premise like this, there has to be a clear and total resolution. 
Black Book
This film is directed by Paul Verhoeven who directed several Arnold Swartzenegger films. Verhoeven is from the Netherlands where he worked in television and film, and made a name for himself. He then moved to Hollywood and continued to be very productive. After years of big budget movies, Verhoeven decided to move back to the Netherlands where there's no movie industry to speak of. Even so, with support from a few film funds and cultural institutions Verhoeven (and his team) managed to pull a budget together for 'Black Book'. 
This is a film
set in the Netherlands, at the end of Second World War. 

Film by Emelio Estevez, about the hotel where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated and the day leading up to this tragic event. Remarkable film! Beautifully done, it slowly pulls you in, and takes you to a shocking climax.
Born on the 4th of July
Remarkable film by Mel Gibson; he is the lead character in the film while he also directs. Impressive work, including Gibson’s strong physicality, characterization and his heavy Scottish accent. Great story telling through powerful film-image making. And this was Gibson’s debut as director, while also taking the lead role; what an enormous achievement! In my book Gibson is an incredible communicator; a true artist; a man who has broke through many barriers in his life.

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