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Angel Film Critique Introduction, continued...

I have vivid memories of films that I saw in the cinema in those years. I fell in love with this magic world.  But for where I was coming from, it was out of reach. So, the world of THEATER was where I made my home as a teenager and young adult.

After studying music & theater for a few years, I started my own full-time children's theater company; initially with just 2 performers. I invited a theater friend to join my for my first production; we would put a show together, through improvisation, and toured the country. Good success, and great fun! Over the years, I did this several times, every time involving another single friend.  

Very slowly, over a period of many years, I crossed over to the world of film making (for television mostly). In London I was an actor in several commercials. I studied film making (at the BBC), and after several years in the business, I was given my own TV drama series, Jacob's Ladder (based on Biblical stories). 

Over a period of many years, I made dozens of half hour drama episodes (for TV); it was, obviously, a constant leaning curve about the many skills that are involved in film making, including writing (for the screen).

There have been years when I've been too busy to visit the cinema, or even watch films at home. But there were other time-periods when I've been able to catch-up on certain films, and even times when Marcia & I have watched films together, as a fun activity.

Some years ago now, I began to make a note of the films we watched, and I began to write down our response to the viewing. It was just for fun, but it became a valuable resource, and in our daily conversation we often refer to a certain film that we have seen, at some time. Films are very informative and great for conversation, I'm sure you agree.

I like to think that THEATER & FILM make a great marriage; they complement each other brilliantly. Personally I'm delighted that, after years of film-making, I still have the opportunity to IMPROVISE in (Playback) THEATER (at the Story Cafe). This is SO REFRESHING! At the same time, watching films together (usually at home) remains a favorite activity.  

While I'm working on a new season for the Jacob's Ladder TV series, I'm also working on a script for a FEATURE FILM (Nearest Relative). This is exciting to me; it seems I've finally arrived at where it all started: THE CINEMA!

Writing, producing & directing a feature film (perhaps in 2 parts: film 1, and film 2) is a daunting challenge. Everything I have learned from doing the TV series, over all these years, and from the films that I've seen and studied, will come into good use, I hope! 

On this page (Angel Film Critique) I gladly share with you my favorite films, and how I've received and perceived these films. All the films on this list I have seen; I'm in the process of seeing some of these films again (which I love doing) in order to write some fresh words about them. It fascinates me how certain films have durability; other films less so!    


Of course the language of film has changed dramatically over the years; there was very little scope for 'special effects' in films made in the previous century (sounds like a long time ago, but it was only a few years back..).

Now-a-days any-(digital effect)-thing is possible. This is great, but there's also a down-side to it.

In any case, incredible (special) effects don't necessarily make a good story. STORY CRAFTING is a timeless art-form, like the ancient drawings on the inside of the cave. The human condition is essentially the same as it has always been, and telling that story well is what it's all about.

Good story-telling (through film) reveals the human condition in such a way that we can all relate to it! For more on STORY CRAFTING click here.   

The list of films (below) certainly includes my favorite films, and other films that have caught my attention. I have seen all these films, but not alway written a critique. That work (of writing my response to every one of these films) in now underway. Over the years I have also seen many European films, as in: Continental Europe; those films are not on this list.


Click any name in the following list of films, and you'll be taken to my (humble) critique of it (if I have written it).

I am finding it helpful and energizing to go over these films again; some of them I first saw years ago (in the cinema). Most (if not all) of these films are like friends-that-I've-stayed-in-touch-with. How good to have friends!


If you want to comment on my comments, or simply write to me, e-mail me at 

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