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Angel Film Critique

Coming Full Circle

Film is an amazing Art Form; a unique blend of visual and verbal story-telling, full of emotion and suspense, enriched through sound & music; arguably the most complicated of all art forms.

When and where I grew up, there was no TV and no CINEMA; even the RADIO was out of reach to me, as a child. We had a small radio that sat on a single shelf high on the wall, so high, that as a child, I could not reach it. On the other hand, my parents decided to buy a piano while they didn't play (the piano); it was so that my siblings & I would have a chance to learn. Wow!

So, I was allowed to play this wonderful instrument whenever I wanted to; even to improvise which I loved doing. I enjoyed pretending to be a concert pianist and was very good at making a big noise. I loved it; my parents not so much. They got me a piano teacher, and, with difficulty, I entered the vast and amazing world of classical music.

Eventually, the little radio, high on the shelf, was replaced by a stereo system (radio & {vinyl} record player) that was within reach, and that I was allowed to use. I began to buy my first (vinyl) albums and treasured the music of my choice.

Growing up without screens (no tv, no computer, no cell phone) put me at a disadvantage in certain (obvious) ways, but there was an up-side to the equation: I learned to play, to entertain myself, to improvise (drama & music), to imagine, to write, to sing, to be adventurous; I played with costumes and set building and had a great time 'pretending'. 

In my later teenage years I was able to go to the CINEMA (in the city) occasionally, and this opened up another hugely fascinating world to me. One of the very first films I saw in the cinema (back then, that was the only place where you could see a film) was 'West Side Story'; I was completely BLOWN AWAY, you can imagine...

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A.D. TV series

A.D. the Bible Continues

Albert Nobss

Anna Kerenina


As it is in Heaven



Black Book


Born on the Fourth of July


Chariots of Fire

Charlie  Chaplin

Chronicles of Narnia

Cinema Paradiso 

Close-to-Jesus: Joseph

Close-to-Jesus: Judas

Close-to-Jesus: Mary Magdalene

Close-to-Jesus: Thomas

Dances with Wolves

Darkest Hour


Days of Heaven

Dead Man Walking

Doctor Zhivago

Easter Mysteries

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Festen (the Celebration)

Forest Gump



Gods and Kings

Good Will Hunting

Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Great Expectations



I Can Only Imagine

Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo

Immortal Beloved

Irma La Douce

Jane Eyre




Jesus of Montreal

Jesus of Nazareth

Joseph (son of Jacob)

Killing Jesus

L.A. Confidential

Last Days in the Desert

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

Life is Beautiful

Little Buddha

Long Walk to Freedom

Lumo Project (Selva Rasalingam is Jesus)


Malcolm X

Mao's Last Dancer

Mark's Gospel (Max McClean)

Mary Magdalene

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day


Moulin Rouge

Mrs. Brown


Nowhere Boy

O Brother Where Art Thou

Oliver Twist



One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Paul, Apostle of Christ (Andrew Hyatt, dir.)

Paul, the Apostle (Roger Young, director)

Pelle de Conqueror

People Like Us

Peter and Paul, tv series



Prince of Egypt

Raise the Red Lantern



Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Running on Empty


Saving Private Ryan

Schindler's List


Sense and Sensibilities

Shakespeare in Love



Some Like It Hot

Son of God

Son of Man

Saint Peter (Omar Sharif)

Strictly Ballroom

The Apocalypse

The Apostles after Jesus

the Bible 

The Chosen

The Commitments

The Conspirator

The English Patient

The Emissary

The Gospel According to Mark

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John (Boyd)

The Help

The Jesus Film

The Kite Runner

The Last Emperor

The Last Temptation

The Lovers on the Bridge

The Matrix

The Messiah

The Miracle Maker

The Mission

The Passion (HBO/ BBC)

The Passion of the Christ

The Post

The Reader

The Revolutionary

The Ten Commandments

The Thin Red Line

The Witness

The Quest Trilogy: 40 Nights

The Quest Trilogy: Chasing the Star

The Quest Trilogy: The Christ Slayer

Thelma and Louise

This is It






West Side Story

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Wild at Heart

Where the Wild Things Are

Young Goethe in Love

1985, Anthony Andrews- director

2015, Downey & Burnett, producers

2011, Rodrigo Garcia- director

2012, Joe Wright- director

2012, Ben Affleck- directing & starring

2004- Kay Pollack- director

2008, Baz Luhrmann- director

1988, Penny Marshall- director

2006, Paul Verhoeven- director

2006, Emilio Estevez- writing, directing

1989, Oliver Stone- director

1995, Mel Gibson- producing, directing, starring

1981, Hugh Hudson- director

1992, Richard Attenborough- producing, directing

2005, Andrew Adamson- director

1988, Giuseppe Tornatore- writing, directing

2000, Mertes/ Marcetti- producing/ directing

2001, Mertes/ Marcetti- producing/ directing

2000, Mertes/ Marcetti- producing/ directing

2001, Mertes/ Marcetti- producing/ directing

1990, Kevin Costner- producing, directing, starring

2017, Joe Wright- director

1978, Terrence Malick- writing, directing

1995, Tim Robbins- writing, directing

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2016, Danny Goldstein- director

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1998, Thomas Vinterberg- director

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1982, Richard Attenborough- producing, directing

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2014, Ridley Scott- director

1997, Gus Van Sant- director

1946, David Lean- director

1998, Alfonso Cuaron- director

2012, Mike Newell- director

1990, Franco Zeffirelli, directing/ starring Mel Gibson

2018, John Barbisan & Michael Hamilton- directing

2018, Erwin Brothers- directors

1966, Paolo Pasolini- director

1994, Bernard Rose- director

1963, Billy Wilder- director

2011, Cary Joji Fukunaga- director

1991, Oliver Stone- director

1998, Harry Winer, writing, directing

1999, Roger Young- director

1989, Denys Arcand- writing, directing

1977, Franco Zeffirelli- director

1995, Roger young- director

2015, Chris Menaul- director

1997, Curtis Hanson- director

2015, Rodrigo Garcia- writer, director

1978, Glenn Jordan- director

2012, Tom Hooper- director

1997, Roberto Benigni- directing, starring

1993, Bernardo Betolucci- director

2013, Justin Chadwick- director

2014, David Batty- producer, director

2003, Eric Till- director

1992, Spike Lee- director

2009, Bruce Beresford- director

2010, Max McClean- actor

2018, Garth David- director

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2018, Andrew Hyatt- director

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2014, Ava DuVernay- director

1995, Ang Lee- director

1998, John Madden- director

1996, Scott Hicks- director

1997, Roger Young- director

1959, Billy Wilder- director

2014, Chris Spencer- director

2006, Mark Dornford- director

2005, Giulio Base- director

1992, Baz Luhrmann- director

2000, Rafaelle Mertes- director

1994, Regards v.d. Bergh- director

2013, Downey & Burnett- producers

2017, Dalles Jenkins- director

1991, Alan Parker- director

2010, Robert Redford- director

1996, Anthony Minghella- director

1997, Robert Marcarelli- director

2020, Ashley Strand performs

2003, Philip Saville- director

2014, Joe Boyd performs, Brad Wise- directs

2011, Tate Taylor- writing, directing

1979, John Krish, Peter Sykes- directors

2007, Marc Foster- director

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1988, Martin Scorsese- director

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1990, David Linch- writing, director

2009, Spike Jonze- director

2010, Philipp Stolzl- director

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